Your Need For Personal Branding Has Never Been Greater


Every day as the human population booms and economic expansion creeps forward, there are more potential customers for your products and services, and a massive potential opportunity for financial success online.

This expansion also means that whatever you are offering for sale has a growing global base of international competition.

While this environment is a wonderful leveller – allowing smaller operators to get established in business and scale up easily, the difficulty many businesses now face is how to stand out over this competition, and get noticed by prospective customers.

If your competitors are selling a product or service online, the easiest way to ‘beat’ your marketplace offer is by undercutting your price. The international, borderless nature of the Internet makes it easy for those in lower wage economies to do this – and good luck to them in bettering their lives and competing for a slice of the pie.

Your Need For Personal Branding Has Never Been Greater

But it’s not just a low price tag that helps your offering stand out, indeed, racing to the bottom in terms of price is a zero sum game for all involved (including the customer).

Building a strong and recognisable brand is the key to success, allowing companies to effectively differentiate and position their products in the marketplace. In the context of online operations, this issue has never been more important and will increase in relevance as the net gets more crowded.

For many people selling services – training products for example, the best differentiator they have available to do this, is themselves.

While it may be possible to copy your product or service, duplicate its method of distribution and even knock off your branding to steal marketshare – the one thing competitors will struggle to duplicate is you.

Personalise your product or service offering – putting your own personality at  the centre of what you do, and you build a brand which is easily recognisable, can protect against competitive pressures and delivers more tangible value.

Once your customers start identifying with the value you bring to the product or service they are buying they are far less likely to go elsewhere in search for cheaper alternatives.

This could mean using  video in marketing campaigns, thank you pages and email updates, redrafting your marketing messages, or charting the progress or development of your company or product by blogging.

This is certainly the approach recommended by several successful internet businesses,  and online training providers.

If you want to stand out, or protect your business from increasing competition, personalised branding is the best solution – helping you to compete, whilst also protecting your profit margins at the same time.


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15 thoughts on “Your Need For Personal Branding Has Never Been Greater

  • Keith Reilly

    Great post Ant. It really is the time of ‘personal branding’.
    As you say, most successful internet marketers and online training providers have branded themselves as their main product. Everything they sell is an extension of their brand.
    I’m currently branding myself at and hope to achieve success by helping others do the same.
    Keep on with the great posts, they’re both interesting and informative!

    • Ant Carter Post author

      Thanks Keith,

      Good luck with your own personal branding, and helping others achieve success with their own. I hope we can continue to share thoughts on this most important of subjects.

  • Lloyd Hester

    I agree Ant. I think it is social media that has made it so important.

    The thing is that there is so much out there about us and our business that you need to stay on top of it to keep up.

    A necessary evil in some cases.

  • Ant Carter Post author

    Social media makes it easier to create and manage a personal brand – although as you rightly identify, it makes things more complicated too.

    The Internet has given consumers more power to influence markets and the perceptions we have of the companies and products we buy. But at the same time it has given smaller businesses the chance to compete with larger organisations, in many ways the smaller companies are more able to adopt and manage this new, more personal situation.

    The next 10 years will be interesting for sure.

  • Duane

    Great article Ant. Couldn’t agree more that while products & services can be cloned, copying an individual who provides and supports those products/services is near impossible.

    • Ant Carter Post author

      So having established this as a differentiator – what should we do to create such a business?

      I believe in the power of video marketing in this respect and will be developing my own YouTube account in the next few months. I hope to make video blog posts and embed them here – but they have to easy to churn out – time is our biggest enemy after all.

      I hope to refine a system of planning, recording/performing, editing, posting which is efficient and easy. Without this I don’t think regular posting will happen – and its regularity of content which I think will attract the right kind of attention.

      I am also looking into webinars … more on this soon.