Would you have backed this outsider at 5000/1?

american-963190Carpenter, Leigh Herbert is on course to earn $35,000 in May – because of a $7 investment he made a few months ago.

Each year in the UK, millions of people bet on soccer matches and the outcomes of the Premier league of teams who compete over the season.

At the start of this season in August 2015, you could get odds of 5000 to 1 that Leicester City Football Club would win the premier league.

They are currently top of the table by 5 points – with a only few games left to play.

The papers here are full of stories of people who bet 60p (about 40 cents) on Leicester City to win the league, and currently stand to make several thousand dollars if this actually happens.

I’m not saying gambling is a route to riches, it isn’t.

But when we look back at our own online journey, its often easy to see similar moments when there was an opportunity to make really big money.

The launch of Google Adsense, the days when you could resell PLR ebooks on Amazon, or the first group of people to jump on Facebook advertising.

These moments create an edge for those that take the plunge.

And often result in a lasting advantage over others in the same market – earning them life changing amounts of money in the process.

They also stay in the minds of those that missed the boat too, reminders of what could have been ..

One of these moments of change is happening right now – and it’s bigger than any of those mentioned above.

It is changing the way we buy, what we spend money on – and how we interact with each other every single day.

And the people who take advantage in these early moments, have an opportunity to get ahead of the charge for this new opportunity – and earn easy money in the process.

Find out what this change is, and how even those with no experience can profit from it below:

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One thought on “Would you have backed this outsider at 5000/1?

  • Peter Beckenham

    Hi Ant,

    What a clver way to highlight the opportunities we have had in our lives and continue to have if we are just game enough to “take the plunge” as you say.

    The story of Leicester City football club has captured the imagination of the entire sporting world with so many folks asking “How have they managed to do this?”

    But your post goes way further than questions like that and has important implications for all of us in the online markting world.

    Delighted to have also shared such a clever post.

    Many thanks for this great share Ant

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger