I think i’m going to dye my hair blue ..

How will you get noticed?

In our busy world its easy not to isn’t it? .. If I dyed my hair blue, I suspect people would notice me.

But if you’re a blogger, video or social media marketer, or if you send promotions by email .. how do you get noticed online?

Because as an affiliate online – everyone else is selling exactly the same things, to exactly the same people.

Some affiliates do it by being controversial – by shocking us into reading their promotions.

Some try making us curious, by saying something unexpected.

But really, these two strategies are both short term. They are like dying your hair blue.

Because if everyone started doing it, you will lose your edge and once again become anonymous again.

No, to succeed in getting noticed – it is MUCH better to do so for the right reasons.

Because you understand the recipient of your messages for example, you talk their language and you provide them with what they need to take them towards their goals.

This is why I wrote Commission Magic.

To help people understand how to stand out online – for the right reasons.

Because this is the first step in getting noticed, and building a community of people around you who want to know what you have to say next.

I would love you to experience this .. and you can do so for only $7.

It isn’t a system, hack or ‘method’. And it won’t go out of date. It’s real affiliate training – which will be as useful in 3 years time as it is today.

Check out Commission Magic here: http://commissionmagic.net/home

And please feel free to ask me anything in the comments below ..

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5 thoughts on “I think i’m going to dye my hair blue ..

  • Nathan

    Great post, Ant.

    And you’re absolutely right – too many people looking for the ‘quick hit’ of notoriety or celebrity. It’s intoxicating when it happens, but always leaves you hungry for the next one.

    Much better IMO to build your brand around quality, consistency and reliability. The tortoise won the race, if I remember correctly. Cheers!

  • Sandy

    To truly stand out, one needs to be unique, different and be (according to Colin Theriot from Cult of Copy) somewhat ‘weird’. Blue hair is just a part of it, but it can be one’s personal branding (not that i would….errk! Lol) How to stand out from the crowd and above the noise…. strategies and personality make 2 strong ingredients imho. Thoughts?