The World Loves a Trier – a True Story of Motivation and Courage.

Like Adrian Solano, a championship skier who I saw competing recently at The Nordic World Skiing Championships in Finland.

He went to the start line with something none of his competitors had.

In fact to this day I have never seen anything like this in professional sport.

He had never skied on snow before!

In practice at home in Venezuela he used skis with rollers on them, and practiced in the scorching heat.

He tried to get on the snow to practice – but was deported by France, on his way to the slopes in Sweden … immigration officials doubted his story.

And for many people, that would have been enough to give up on his dream.

Instead, Adrian went online and asked people to support him through a GoFundMe campaign.

So waiting for the gun at the start line of the Nordic World Championships – having never skied on snow before – he must of known what was likely to happen.

But he didn’t let that stop him.

Quite the opposite in fact, he is targeting the Olympics next!

And you wouldn’t bet against him with that kind of attitude.

So why does this matter?

If you decide you really want something, you have to go all in.

You have to act on what you are learning and put yourself out there – publicly, for everyone to see.

There is no substitute for this kind of action .. because it’s only by walking the road that your route will reveal itself.

Watch the video of Adrian below, and feel inspired when you see his courage .. to put himself in a world class competition to test himself and force a change in his life.

I don’t know if he will ever be a world class skier .. but with that kind of motivation I guarantee he will make something of himself.

Rather than laughing at him – I believe the newspapers reporting this should be applauding his guts and drive.

Because without this – none of us get anywhere.

Check out the full article I read about Adrian here:

And if you have decided on what you want, ACT ON IT.

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