The Secret to Standing Out Online

The secret to standing out online is to be unique – how do we achieve this in our offline lives?

What clothes do you wear?

How do you wear your hair?

What do you do to enjoy yourself?

Where do you choose to live and spend your time?

When do you smile?

… and what do you SAY?

In terms of how the world sees us – what we say forms a huge part of who we are.

The Secret to Standing Out OnlineOur words have a profound impact on those around us – and are a key way we build relationships and find our place in the world.

And people with a talent for expressing themselves well, are often revered and loved for this ability.  Having a distinctive voice cuts through wealth, looks, status and so many other things.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the way you use your voice can help you punch above your weight in the world.

My 2 year old daughter Josie Jo is learning to talk at the moment.

When she learns a new word she gains the power to ask for what she wants, and explain what she is thinking – bringing her closer to those around her and enabling her to take a more active part of the world she’s growing up in.

And all around the planet we have evolved to do these things .. there is not a culture on earth where what we say is not a defining part of who we are.

What is ‘Your Voice’ ?

How to stand out onlineYour voice makes you unique.

It’s what you say, how you say it, what you believe, and how you feel – all rolled into one.

Your voice is how you stand out, and the main reason people will want to hear more from you.

Because of the power of your voice, developing it is your best chance of having a greater impact on the world .. changing your circumstances, increasing your income, or providing more for those you care for.

The challenge you have in doing this is two fold.

Firstly, you need to find your voice – to uncover the message of your life that you can  bring to others in the world.

Then you need to find a way of spreading your message, and connecting with others who feel the same.

And I guarantee that whoever you are, and whatever your past experience, you have something powerful to share.

All over our planet people are learning the things that you find easy.

Tapping into this and developing a voice that shows people what you know, is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life.

It can pay extremely well too.

Finding Your ‘Digital Voice’

Having a voice and something to give to the world, by itself is not enough to achieve big things for yourself, or the causes you might support.

how to attract an audience onlineFor your voice to have a real impact – you need an audience.

And the digital world offers you by far the best opportunity to grow a following of people who can’t wait to hear what you have to say next.

You simply need to learn to use the technology to represent yourself well, and to connect with those who ‘get’ you and your message.

Your digital voice is a digital manifestation of your voice .. it can be just as identifiable and unique .. and can have a similar impact on those who connect with you online.

It is your personal brand, and a potent attractor for people who resonate with your message and purpose.

By developing your digital voice you can quickly build a following of likeminded people, catapulting you far from your existing friend groups or professional networks .. building your reputation – and making you money – as you solve people’s problems.

Your digital voice, when communicated properly, can magnify the impact you can have many times over.

It can literally change your life.

How to Develop Your Digital Voice?

It’s important to realise that you first need to build a foundation from which you can create an impact.

This means blending an understanding of the niche and audience you are targeting, with business strategy and marketing – to come up with a mix unique to you, which will mark you out over your competitors.

How to build a unique online business

This blueprint for YOUR digital voice – your business – will be different from anyone else’s.

And it will have a unique appeal to the audience you want to attract to you.

You will also need to develop entrepreneurial instinct, and master technical / computer skills, to be able to effectively communicate your voice in the digital world.

I have created something which will help you do these things.

The Secret to Standing Out Online

If you are interested in standing out, building a reputation, growing an audience, or starting a business online .. you need to build a unique foundation from which you can grow your voice.

A blueprint unique to you, designed to achieve the goals you have for yourself.

First Time Entrepreneur Video Training Course

In my new video course First Time Entrepreneur, I uncover 6 phases for building your own unique business – which will mark you out as different, and attract your desired audience to you.

So if you’ve struggled so far to get noticed, or find a business model which will work for you – it’s likely because you’ve not been unique enough ..

Press the reset button – and stand out.

And if you’re just starting out, this could be the start of who you really want to be – let me show you how to grow your voice and attract an audience to your voice.

Because without a unique and recognisable voice, whatever you try and achieve online – will fail.

Click the link below to create your blueprint today:

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