Small Ones Are More Juicy

‘Small Ones Are More Juicy’ was the catch phrase for a Satsuma TV advert when I was a kid … and I like it because sometimes the smallest things really can make the biggest difference.

I have recently been shown a simple tool that will make a big difference to my own online business – but before I share what it is .. I want to explain why the tools you invest in are important.

Prior to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Great Britain hadn’t won a cycling gold medal for 72 years.

That year Chris Boardman emphatically won the individual pursuit, on a bike designed by Lotus Sport – a Formula One team.

Lotus cast the frame using the very latest carbon fibre moulding techniques, reduced the bikes profile so much that it was barely 1 inch in cross section and tested prototypes in state of the art wind tunnels.

They created a bike which not only looked different, but performed better than the traditional bike designs of other riders – reducing wind resistance significantly.

And in a sport where fractions of a second per lap add up to a significant advantage over the race … they created a winning combination for Chris Boardman – who won convincingly.

In your own Online Marketing career, the tools you have at your disposal can give you a similar advantage.

In some cases they shorten the time it takes to do something, and in others they help you create more impressive results.

And then occasionally a tool is released that gives you a real edge – a significant advantage – over the competition.

Like a piece of software released yesterday – which does something I have never seen done before ..

Find out more here

Small ones really are more juicy!

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