Please, DON’T Buy This With My Link

I am an honest guy. It helps me sleep at night, but sometimes this bites me where it hurts ..

Like the time I was working selling photocopiers by phone .. I told a large company they didn’t need the expensive models – and instead could save money getting something cheaper.

It cost me almost $500 in commission at the time.

My boss went mad, and made my life hell for months.

However, 7 years later that same company were still buying from us, and they insisted on speaking to me when they did.

I was only a telesales person .. but they requested that I become their account manager.

Queue days out at flash hotels and meetings in fancy restaurants …

In my experience it is often better to do the right thing.



Yesterday a product was launched which no doubt the entire internet is talking about – Commission Black Ops.

This has been released by Michael Cheney – who has made a ridiculous amount of money selling affiliate products.

I bought this to check it out, and I was not disappointed.

In it, he explains in detail the strategies which net him $39,000 each month. They are explained extremely well, and are easy to learn and duplicate.

When a large launch like this hits the marketplace, there are huge affiliate prizes available – and a real opportunity for customers to shop around and find a deal.


I want to recommend the one I found, because it stands out a mile.


Kevin Fahey has documented his entire affiliate marketing strategy and is offering this as a bonus for anyone who buys through his link.

He is also including his paid ads strategies too, and how he manages to get leads from Facebook for as little as 0.35 cents each.

When you can buy traffic that cheap, all sorts of things become possible.

So please, don’t buy Commission Black Ops through my link.

Get it through Kevin’s instead .. and enjoy learning from two of the most successful affiliate marketers alive today – for the price of one.

Check Out Kevin’s Bonus Here

Have you ever had an attack of honesty? What happened – did it turn out ok in the end?

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