Stand out and build an audience online
Your voice makes you unique .. it's what you say, how you say it, what you believe, and how you feel - all rolled into one. Your voice is also the biggest reason people will want to hear more from you. Develop your voice and grow a business which naturally attracts an audience to you.

The Secret to Standing Out Online

How to get results with a small list
I am often asked ‘how do I get results with a small list?’ … I have several strategies – one of which I will share here today. It’s connected to the way you monetise a list effectively – and the offering of a bonus to subscribers who buy through my affiliate link. Because when most affiliates offer a bonus they tend to run around the PLR supermarket putting anything vaguely relevant into their basket. .. they then chuck the ebooks onto a bonus page – and rush the email or social promotion out .. And wait. They often get very little […]

5 Simple Steps To Get Results With a Small List

My friends often laugh at me. When I discuss what I plan to do, I often remark that I want to do X y or z because I know I will be good at it. Having an unshakable core belief in yourself is not arrogance. Because if you start something new already convinced that you won't be able to do it - you won't.

‘You’ Might Be Your Biggest Problem

How will you get noticed online? .. Whether you communicate with your audience on a blog, by video, on social media or by email .. you need to beat your anonymity problem to succeed.

I think i’m going to dye my hair blue ..

I am deep in my cave prepping for the launch! .. To wet your appetite here is an interview I recorded with Kimberly Hash De Vries – looking forward to the launch tomorrow: [video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly95b3V0dS5iZS9yaE1Jd1BMRF9NSQ==[/video_player]

Commission Magic Launches 15th June 10am EST

Live video technology offers a way to create world class customer engagement levels. But live streaming has its problems - the biggest that many people still don't realise, is that Live Streaming doesn't always GROW your audience.

A Customer Engagement Revolution is Finally Here!

Sometimes the smallest things really can make the biggest difference. I have recently been shown a tool that will make a big difference to my own business. Because, as an old Head Teacher I used to work with used to say - if you look after the little things, big problems don't happen.

Small Ones Are More Juicy

As human beings, our attention can get so blinkered through concentration - that we miss the obvious. This is often the case when we try and develop our business - we miss things we don't realise are important. Learning from these mistakes can be time consuming and frustrating - and is the reason many people give up on their dreams of freedom from the 9-5 ...

Have You Seen a Moonwalking Bear?

I am an honest guy. It helps me sleep at night, but sometimes this bites me where it hurts .. Like the time I was working selling photocopiers by phone .. I told a large company they didn't need the expensive models – and instead could save money getting something cheaper. It cost me almost $500 in commission at the time. My boss went mad, and made my life hell for months.

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