5 Simple Steps To Get Results With a Small List

I am often asked ‘how do I get results with a small list?’ … I have several strategies – one of which I will share here today.

It’s connected to the way you monetise a list effectively – and the offering of a bonus to subscribers who buy through my affiliate link.

Because when most affiliates offer a bonus they tend to run around the PLR supermarket putting anything vaguely relevant into their basket.

.. they then chuck the ebooks onto a bonus page – and rush the email or social promotion out ..

And wait.

They often get very little response – and no sales.



It is not because their list is too small, or because they can’t compete with larger more established marketers.

It’s because they totally misunderstand the point of offering a bonus.

Offering a bonus is your chance to leverage an advantage over more established marketers, and yet – most people waste this opportunity.

Because done well, this strategy can help you stand out over other affiliates who are promoting the same offer.

So what do most affiliates get wrong – and how can you learn from their mistakes?

To get ahead … understand this one crucial fact:

The purpose of a bonus is not to demonstrate you provide more volume for the purchasers hard earned dollars ..

.. todays customer doesn’t care about having ‘more stuff’ – in fact they have far too much ‘stuff’ that they will never have the time to read or watch already.

Offering a bunch of ‘me too’ ebooks won’t help you stand out – in fact customers will actively AVOID getting ‘more stuff’ these days.

To succeed and stand out, your bonus should do one simple thing ..

** To enhance to results the customer will get with the product they are buying **

If you can demonstrate that the customer will get a better result by buying with your link, your promotion will fly.

So how do you choose (or design) a bonus which customers immediately see as valuable?


My 5  Simple Steps To Get Results With a Small List

1. Really understand the benefits of the product you are promoting .. and how the product achieves these benefits.

2. Try and break the product you are promoting …

Every product or training makes assumptions about the skill of the person using it – or assumes they already have something .. it might be a traffic source, a decent offer to promote .. or something else – identify what this is.

.. to help you – try and imagine breaking the result the product is designed to achieve – what one thing would break it? ..

3. Base your promotion and the bonus you are offering around helping the customer with this thing ..

.. this might mean giving them a traffic source they lack, or helping them with conversions ..

.. but whatever you choose – make sure that the bonus gives people an advantage over others who buy the product.

4. Get used to picking products with this in mind – it makes developing a promotion and bonus package MUCH easier.

5. You have done the hard work .. now capitalise on the opportunity you have created!

Base the promotions you write around this … if you have done this well then you have developed a KILLER angle – so communicate this to your potential customers – and profit from it.

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