Entrepreneurs: Are you Listening to Your OWN ‘Fake News Media’?

I don’t subscribe to Mr Trump’s (or anyone else’s) view that all those that disagree with him are ‘fake news’ ..

And IMO there is a very real danger in getting your opinions about politics – or your business – from one source ..

.. whatever that might be.

Because we all run the risk of listening solely to our own opinion – and making decisions based on what WE want from the content and products we create to help others.

By doing so, we miss golden opportunities to truly understand our market .. and we damage our chances of success.

After all, you can’t base business success on pleasing yourself.

Today I want to explain why holding your own opinion alone, is extremely damaging to your business .. and what you can do today to change that ..

Because it’s actually really simple ..

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/abEMvICtiEw”]

I heard something when I was very young which has stuck with me over the years – I can’t find out where its from .. but it explains this well:

“We each have a tiny piece of the truth – but it only a tiny piece. We must continually look for the truth that others possess – else we risk the danger of believing that our tiny piece, is in fact the whole truth. “

Have fun affecting the lives of those connected with you – take time to listen.

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