A Customer Engagement Revolution is Finally Here!

If you wanted to start a business on the high street, it is highly likely that you would need significant cash to invest – or have to take out loans to get your business established.

You might need to pay for things like the refurbishment of the property you are using, the branding of your shop, and the purchase of equipment and products you want to sell.

You might have a significant monthly running cost too, insurance, rent, business taxes and wages for example.

And this high start up cost produces a high level of risk for anyone starting a bricks and mortar business .. particularly in their first few years of operation when the vast majority of startups fail.

In contrast, an online business needs very little start up capital to get going.

In most online business models you need a hosting account, a domain, maybe some software to do this or that, and an autoresponder service – all of which come extremely cheap by comparison.

It amazes me that given the choice, so many people still choose to start offline businesses, and take on the risks associated with them.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that an online business has zero barriers to getting started.

On the contrary, because so many people dive online these days and try and start online businesses – competition is huge, and success eludes so many people as a direct result.

The Problem for Everyone Online – is Standing Out. 

facebook live revolutionBecause your potential customers have less time than ever before, their inboxes are ever fuller, their attention is being stretched – and they have less time to consider articles, emails and offers they get sent.

The result as customers adapt their behaviours to survive in this ever more busy world – is shorter attention spans, a lack of real engagement with the companies who are trying to build relationships with them … and the failure of online business who don’t stand out in this ultra competitive environment.

Because to succeed online today, you need to develop a real relationship with the people you want to get onto your list, and sell things to.

You need to become someone they know, like and trust.

The wonderful thing about the online world, is that when you do this effectively, you can compete against even the largest mega corporation ..

The Facebook Live Revolution

Facebook Live RevolutionThe solution that many people still have yet to harness to solve this problem is video. And more specifically LIVE video.

Because when you share who you really are with potential customers, you have a chance to build a real relationship with them .. Giving you authenticity which makes you stand out.

There is now an explosion of live video solutions available to choose from, from periscope to YouTube live broadcasts – and in the last few months Facebook live.

And although a relative latecomer, Facebook Live is fast becoming the leading live streaming platform worldwide for several reasons:

  • We are all on Facebook already. You don’t need to convince people to join the platform before you can broadcast to them.
  • The tools they have created help you find your audience and connect with them are simply second to none.
  • And the additional APIs they have recently introduced to allow live steaming from your desktop computer – are just about to change the game completely .. (More about that in a moment)

But where to begin? And how to quickly start getting business results using live video?

If you are interested in getting started with Facebook Live there are already a ton of training available to help you if you are just considering the platform .. Amy Porterfield has an excellent podcast to listen to here.

But the best Facebook Live training for beginners I have ever seen, currently sold by Ray Lane and Saul Maraney – FB LiveWire which is available here.

But – Live Streaming Has Its Problems

The biggest problem that many people still don’t realise, is that Live streaming doesn’t always GROW your audience.

Because you are broadcasting to a page, or group, or on your profile – the amount of people who see and can connect with you are limited – and often limited to those you are ALREADY connected with.

The objective of all online business is to grow your audience or tribe – and this is a very real problem for businesses using Facebook Live to build communities around their brands.

The bottom line?

.. If I go live I want to give myself every opportunity to maximise my reach, to get the highest possible numbers watching my feed – and to attract NEW customers using Live Video too.

A tool has been released today, which solves these problems – and I’m already in love with the possibilities it offers my own business.

Live Leap allows you to broadcast your FB live stream to multiple pages, groups and social networks as soon as you go live. You can even mail your list on autopilot too – all instantly – the moment you go live.

As a result – you greatly increase the chances of growing your audience – because you are able to spread the net as wide as possible .. as well as maximising your existing audience who choose to watch your stream too.

I can’t wait to use this in my own business. LiveLeap will significantly increase the effectiveness of my own live streaming strategy – and improve the results I can obtain using it too.

So, How Do You ‘Go Live’ on Facebook From Your Desktop Computer?

live leap bonusEarlier I mentioned a tool which allows you to go live to Facebook from your desktop computer …

Why is this important?

Well, it allows you to stream any window on your computer – or any device connected to it – and broadcast it onto your Facebook Live stream .. easily – with only 5 minutes training..

This will allow you to broadcast presentations, demonstrations, interviews, recorded video – in fact anything that you can display on your computers screen – as a Facebook live feed.

I can hear the webinar providers screaming right now .. and well they should – because this technology is actually available totally free.

I  want to help you to get the most from Facebook Live and Live Leap.

So I have written a training webinar showing you everything you need to know about this free software, and how to use it to broadcast directly from your desktop – as a bonus for those that buy LiveLeap through my link.

Because the results you will be able to get using LiveLeap, and Facebook live – with this solution added on too – are simply astounding ..

I believe that we will look back on this revolution in live video as a turning point in the building of communities and developing relationships with customers online.

I am just so excited about the possibilities which the technology now gives us to do this – and the advantages we can quickly create in our online businesses as a direct result.

Please comment below with any questions you have about live video, and how you might use this in your own business ..

To find out more about LiveLeap, and to purchase this through my link to and secure your place on this essential training webinar – click here.

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