Easy Ways to Turn Your Everyday Life into Effective Stories Fast


Emotional EngagementDeveloping a high level of emotional engagement with your audience, and using this to sell your products and services online .. is crucial to any online business.

This is particularly the case for those based on selling your own digital content.

I wonder if you have you ever received an email, blog post or marketing message, where the writer draws you in?

Where they weave such a tale that you can’t resist but find out what happens next – and read the entire message so that you do?

When this happens, it is likely that the marketer is using the power of storytelling to build a rapport with you.

Getting this level of engagement in your mails and posts is difficult to achieve in other ways. Because, whether we realise it or not, we all like a story.

It starts from childhood, and continues throughout our life ..

.. and harnessing this basic instinct to develop relationships with your customers, could become an important element in your online business ..

Stories are all around us, we collect them every day – and we share them with people we are in contact with – friends, family.

We are all trained storytellers too – I bet you have a few stories you bring out at parties which make the room stop and listen to you .. and I bet you have sat transfixed when someone else tells you a corker of a story too.

We all admire a good story teller.

If we are feeling naughty, we might also adopt their best story as our own when meeting new people .. (come on, be honest – we have all done it!)

Stories are also a way of making friends too.

By sharing our stories we help someone understand us as a person – we prove we are interesting and worth listening to .. and we give them something to pass on to people they are in contact with too ..

A great story is almost as good as currency in that respect – we pass on a quality story, knowing that person will pass it on in turn themselves.

It gives them a way to be noticed, to make friends, to be admired ..

And yet when it comes to selling by email – or on our sales pages, far too often people seem to forget this skill and go straight for the jugular! …

Like the equivalent of the person that stops you in the street when you’re weighed down with shopping – and goes straight into a sales pitch.

Many people are also afraid of telling stories in their emails .. they tell themselves things like:

People don’t have much time these days – if I make my emails short they will be more likely to read them, right?

If I am telling a story, my emails will get longer – and people don’t want long emails – they will turn off and unsubscribe won’t they?

Wrong – in several ways.

Firstly, do you think most short – straight to the point sales emails – stand out in the inbox?

And do you really believe that by sending shorter emails with simple factual information in them, that you are exciting your customer – or making them want to open the next message?

Secondly, it’s fair enough to want a high open rate – but what you really want is a high engagement rate once your emails are opened.

And thirdly, what type of person do you want on your list?

The type that prefers to spend 10 seconds reading a mail from you and then closes it without taking action? … or the ones who will pour over every word, giving you ample chance to create a personal connection and influence the way they are thinking?

For these and many other reasons, storytelling is a great way to create an engaged and responsive eMail list.

It’s almost as if the knowledge of thousands of generations of humans, together far wiser than ourselves – is being ignored in this age of digital entertainment and communication.

But the power of a story, told well, can change your business …

I have written a report called ‘The Emotional Engagement Guide’ which explains:

  • How to use stories to move the emotions of your customer closer to buying from you
  • The massive levels of engagement and loyalty you can earn through telling your subscribers your own stories
  • Easy ways to turn your everyday life into effective stories fast
  • The 9 types of story which you can use to entertain, educate and enrich your readers and email subscribers.

I am offering this as an exclusive bonus for those who join my list – click here to get your copy



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10 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Turn Your Everyday Life into Effective Stories Fast

  • Amin


    This line in particular stood out to me from your post:

    “Easy ways to turn your everyday life into effective stories fast”

    It’s amazing just how much raw material surrounds us every day, that we could turn into marketing lessons, life lessons or just plain old entertaining stories for our readers.

    No matter how humdrum a life may seem to the individual, it’s nearly always more interesting to outsiders. But there is a knack to turning a life event into a good story – or an effective one as you mention here.

    Timely post for many people, I think, as we head into March. Most of the New Year’s resolutions to “do better” this year have probably already been shelved. A little reminder that inspiration is all around us is a good thing!

  • Don Purdum

    Hi Ant,

    I couldn’t agree more that for some reason people build their sites and sales pages and then just go for the sale; and they wonder why no one is buying.

    It doesn’t work that way offline.

    All good marketing is built on storytelling. The more relevant and specific the story is the greater the impact will be.

    I teach my clients to create content where the consumer of the content has to say to themselves, or the content creator; “OMG, he did he/she know…?”

    I enjoyed your post Ant and couldn’t agree with you more.

    Have a great week!

    ~ Don Purdum

  • Samii Nuks

    Hey Ant,

    I can’t stand this:

    And yet when it comes to selling by email – or on sales pages, far too often people seem to forget this skill and go straight for the jugular! …

    It pains me. To the point these days when i get an email that just goes for sales I delete them pretty quick. I can’t stand product floggers!

    I’ve written a fair bit about email marketing. And stories are very important. Good thing you’ve written about it also. Story telling is super powerful.

    I also use Seinfeld method, launch method, & best practices. This can be found on my blog. Do you use any of these Ant?

    Thanks again for the post. Cheers Sam

  • Nicolas Puegher

    Hi Ant,

    Having a great story can make a difference for anything, from emails, posts to ebooks, even videos. We can connect better with the content and the author, more than just going to the point with no engagement or inspiration from a real experience.

    Thanks for sharing this great content with us! Have a good day.


  • Richard Seaton

    Hi Ant – That was a very illuminating video you shot there on Telling a Story. I am studying email structure at the moment – and love the idea that – just like a well-written novel – it needs a beginning,a middle and an ending and the end needs to tie in to the beginning. I love communicating through text and video, and like your straightforward style on video very much. No amount of pizazz can mask genuineness, and that’s how I work too. WYSIWYG videos. Thanks for your inspiration. Richard

  • Jenelle Livet

    Hi Ant, Yes story telling is an Art form and one that I find easy to talk but harder to use in emails etc. I have just completed a course about structuring stories to engage people so I am finding this a little easier now than before. I am going to quote this post on my website and send some people your way.
    Thanks for this valuable info

    • Ant Carter Post author

      Thank you Janelle – thats much appreciated .. I always found writing a challenge as a kid, but have developed a love of it later in life.

      I hope you find the guide useful in developing your skills – I would be interested to know what you thought of the training you received and what course it was that you went through .. it’s a skill which is ignored in the mad rush to promote IMO.

  • Bill Richards

    Hi Ant,
    I have been wondering for some time how to approach the subject of blog posts, reading your post has given me the direction and start that I have been looking for, I thank you for that. I can now set to and produce some relevant material for my own blogs.

    I shall be visiting your blog regularly looking forward to further insights………..Regards………..Bill.

    • Ant Carter Post author

      Thanks Bill, I have a lot of projects on at the moment – and wrote this post a while ago .. it goes to show that once you publish something it stays out there and adds to the chance of being discovered by someone. I love publishing online for that reason.