Penny and John – How Creating a Customer Avatar Changed my Business

Let me introduce two of the most important people in my business.

Their names are Penny and John.

I created them – they don’t really exist, but they help me every day.

They keep me focused on the outcomes I want to achieve for people who connect with me and my business.

And they stop me from falling in love with the things I create.

I consider them my best friends, and some of the most important people I will ever meet in my life.

Let me show you around my office at home – and introduce you to them, in today’s video:

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My strong advice to anyone looking to grow an online business (or any kind of business for that matter), is to get close to your customer.

Make time to speak to people who represent your perfect client or present / future customer.

Notice who is attracted to your message and voice, and talk to them.

Then go crazy .. and create a life and personality for them too – to give you a way to look through their eyes at what you do.

My system for doing this (and a workbook and video training to help you create your own) is available here:

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