5 BIG Reasons You Need Your Own Online Course

The market for e-learning and online courses is estimated to be worth $51.5 billion by the end of 2016. (Source)

This post explores the benefits of creating an online course – why there has never been a better time to be producing e-learning ..

.. and how, if you are clever about it – you can literally change your life by doing so.

So, let’s start with reason number 1 ..


1. We Are on The Cusp of a Personalized Learning Revolution

There is an ever growing choice of training available online, with thousands of sites and services where those with knowledge to share  can list and sell their courses ..

But, as anyone with memories of a time before the World Wide Web knows, it was not always this way.


The market for online courses is growing fastWhen I was young, growing up in the 1970s – learning was a one size fits all experience.

You didn’t have much choice about the skills and content you learned.

If you wanted to extend that knowledge,  go off-piste or learn something really crazy – you had to rely on your parents or the local library for help.

The world is immeasurably different now.

And the internet has changed so many things … but incredibly, in the sphere where it has the greatest potential – the field of learning – its effects are only beginning to be felt.

It amazes me that 10 year olds are now walking around with the worlds knowledge in their pockets … but we are still at the beginning of a curve here …

The internet and the services which use it to deliver learning are young – large companies have yet to create advantages over the little guy – and the hardware available to us all is only currently used to a fraction of its potential.

This is demonstrated best in most schools I have worked in…

… where, rather than celebrate the mobile phone in students pockets – and teach young people how to use them to solve problems – instead, schools ban them from view ..

.. It’s almost as if, by pretending they aren’t there, they hope to stem the tide of the learner driven education revolution that is to come.

Because with the learner in charge of the direction and pace of their own development .. the opportunities for learning (and those that provide it) is set to explode.

In so many ways – as an educator, or simply someone with skills and knowledge to share .. there is no better time to be producing (and selling) training online.



2. It is Easier Than Ever Before to Find and Develop Relationships With Potential Customers

But it’s not just the choice of material learners now have available which has changed the landscape for those with something to teach ..

The categorization and search options available online – mean customers can easily find learning material to move their knowledge and skills on, often in a few simple clicks ..

.. available on almost every device they own.

It's easy to find customers for most online coursesEven a few years ago, if we had a niche pursuit, it would be difficult to find those with this common interest.

It is now absolutely possible … and connections between people worldwide who share an interest in almost everything – are easy to tap into – to share our knowledge and build customer relationships.

Because inside these online micro-communities, we have an unprecedented chance to build relationships with the learner .. to create a first impression by delivering a slice of what they need for free ..

… and to build our authority – making the learner hungry for more.

Whatever your specialism or area of knowledge – I guarantee you will find communities dedicated to them online ..

.. and the one thing people in these virtual communities all have in common, is a desire to enhance their knowledge and develop their skills.

With the traditional barriers between educator and potential customer removed in this way – it is easier than ever to launch an online course, and make significant numbers of sales.


3. Creating e-Learning and Online Course Material is Now Possible Using Simple Tools

Before the self-publishing revolution that the internet made possible, it was much more difficult to produce and share learning material …

… particularly if you wanted to take a radical approach or cover a niche subject which publishers weren’t convinced would sell well enough to justify their investment.

It's easier than ever to create your own online courseNow, using simple software – available on everyday devices at entry level cost .

… it is possible to achieve professional results – often indistinguishable from those only large companies could achieve until recently.

Whether your chosen medium is the written word, video, animation or a combined approach – one trainer, educator or teacher really can start a publishing business with genuine long term growth prospects and income potential.

And even if your technical skills need a refresh – the tutorials and training to use even complex software and services is now available on places like YouTube at zero cost .. if you know where to look.

One of the truly great things I have discovered in the process of learning how to produce and distribute my own training online – is a love of using the tools I encourage my own students and trainees to use!

Doing this is addictive – as you quickly see the benefits of exploring the current revolution of technology and knowledge sharing .. this is as liberating as learning gets.

And we can offer this experience to an international audience, from a laptop in a comfy living room .. this is life changing stuff for those that take the plunge.

4. Learners are Getting Much More Comfortable Finding and Paying For Courses Online.

Earn a Second Income From Creating Your Own Online CourseJust as it is now easier than ever to find customers worldwide for the training you produce …

… they are, at the same time, getting much more comfortable with paying for the learning they need to solve their problems.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because so much knowledge is available for free online, that no one will be prepared to pay for anything you might create.

Quite the opposite in fact.

The biggest problem for anyone looking to advance their skills has today – is overwhelm.

And where there is overwhelm – there is also a potent opportunity for paid training which organizes, and simplifies this – making it easy to consume – and cutting down the amount of time customers will have to spend finding and filtering the training they need to find the gold.

In fact, this sort of simple step-by-step training, is exactly what sells extremely well.

We are now living in a world where curation – and the ability to make sense of complexity – has a fast growing value. ..

.. where ‘time-poor’ customers are quite happy to pay for a shortcut to the results they want to achieve.



5. The Biggest Benefits of Creating An Online Course? .. The Income & Lifestyle It Makes Possible.

Increasingly in our connected world – knowledge is power.

In the past, those with skills and knowledge to sell, had to do so for a large company … who would find customers, and deliver the training to them – paying the originator a small fixed salary in return for their creative efforts.

benefits of creating an online course

While many people still happily work in jobs like this – consider the opportunity you know have to spread your influence and gain additional satisfaction from helping infinitely more people .

… and get handsomely rewarded for doing so.

Launches of training courses online – often produced by one man bands from a spare room in their family home – regularly top 6 figures .. a life changing income for someone who might earn half that in an entire year in a 9-5 job.

The self publishing revolution has opened up the opportunity for anyone with a skill or specialism to share, to sell this and change their lives by doing so.

So take a moment to consider what the skills you have developed, what you know, and who you can help with these things ..

.. Because whether you realize it or not – you could be sitting on an opportunity to radically change your life.

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