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I don’t subscribe to Mr Trump’s (or anyone else’s) view that all those that disagree with him are ‘fake news’ .. And IMO there is a very real danger in getting your opinions about politics – or your business – from one source .. .. whatever that might be. Because we all run the risk of listening solely to our own opinion – and making decisions based on what WE want from the content and products we create to help others. By doing so, we miss golden opportunities to truly understand our market .. and we damage our chances of […]

Entrepreneurs: Are you Listening to Your OWN ‘Fake News Media’?

Creating a Customer Avatar Template
Let me introduce two of the most important people in my business. Their names are Penny and John. I created them – they don’t really exist, but they help me every day. They keep me focused on the outcomes I want to achieve for people who connect with me and my business. And they stop me from falling in love with the things I create. I consider them my best friends, and some of the most important people I will ever meet in my life. Let me show you around my office at home – and introduce you to them, […]

Penny and John – How Creating a Customer Avatar Changed ...

6 Counter-Intuitive Strategies to Grow Your eMail List Fast
If you want a successful online business (or if you already have one) .. your biggest business asset is likely to be your email list. But customers are changing – eMail open rates and engagement are falling – and the results traditional methods of list building get today are not what they used to be.

Use these 6 strategies and mindsets to buck this trend .. and kickstart a list of responsive and engaged subscribers, fast!

6 Counter-Intuitive Strategies to Grow Your eMail List Fast