A Fool And Their Money Are Soon Parted

Many people try, but fail to leave their 9-5 – and I want to explain why.

Often you can pick out those that will fail.

They make themselves obvious by chasing push button systems which require no skill, learning or hard work.

And this lack of real commitment marks them out for failure before they even get started.

But the failure to make a consistent income online happens regularly – even to those that commit themselves completely and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Because even those that take action and use what they are learning, still have a problem that they need to solve to achieve the success they seek ..

Too many people can’t shift their focus from channelling their motivation into trying one thing after another – and find themselves in a cycle they can’t break out of..

Because a key part of the process of learning and experimentation we all go through as we establish ourselves online, has to be to fully commit ourselves to one direction sooner or later ..

As we try one thing and then another – we have to do this with a critical eye – all the time being aware that at some stage we have to place our bet – and stake our money on one or another system …

In other words – your business needs to develop beyond experimentation, into choosing your business model.

It is only at this time that your business is really born .. and your journey really begins.

Our business model is the main method we will use to generate value – and a return on our investment – it is the way we will make our online income.

Nike create value by manufacturing running and fashion shoes, Coca Cola create value by manufacturing a range of drinks  … you won’t find Nike trying to make Ice Cream, or Coca Cola deciding one week to invest in house building.

This sounds mad right? And yet this is the equivalent of many people’s approach to their online business.

There is a big difference between making a bit of money with a short term hack or shortcut, and starting a long term business.

There are many methods you might try which don’t scale well. There are many others which might work for a short period before the loop hole they rely on is either closed – or swamped with others trying something similar.

To find your own online business model, you need to cut through this and learn to see opportunities for what they are.

Your challenge is to find the niche, system or method which best suits your skills and experience – and double down on this for long enough to see results – and learn to specialise there.

This is important so you can compete against people already in that area, and so you can spend enough time to learn what you need to be truly successful.

In the Profit Map Academy Report I released recently, I identified several of the most successful business models – and the skills and experience that are needed to succeed using them.

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On my own journey, I realised after trying niche website creation, CPA marketing and numerous other hacks and shortcuts … that I was best suited to creating digital products and training others.

This best fitted with my teaching and training experience, and is also what I enjoy doing most.

And now I realise that, I can concentrate myself fully on planning the development of a range of training – and developing the content which will create an income for myself.

Having this business model helps me be clear about the investments I make, and what to say “no” to.

Because long term success cannot happen without the ability to filter what you need, from everything else. We simply do not have the time or resources to do everything.

And real businesses are successful not because their owners learn to do a wide range of different things, but because they are spectacular at a much smaller number.

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