7 Mindsets To Adopt To Be Successful in Business Online

Wherever you want to go online – it is likely that YOU are your business’ best asset in getting there. 

Because this is the case – it’s important to remove some of the barriers we carry into the online space – and to reset some of our beliefs about what works.

I hope that by understanding these 7 Mindsets To Adopt To Be Successful in Business Online … that you are able to change some of the behaviours which are getting in the way of your progress.

 Success Mindset 1 – Give First

7 Mindsets To Adopt To Be Successful in Business OnlineThis principle is probably the most important thing to realise of all.

So many people miss this completely in the rush to get ‘selling’ – without realising that this is the very root of their failure.

I’m sure you have experience of people who attract you to their list, or get you reading their social media posts – only to hit you with promotions a few moments later in a mad rush to make money from you.

In many niches online this is exactly how many people have been operating for some years – and I want to explain why this doesn’t work.

Your business needs to attract people who want to know what you have to say next – and it’s only once you have developed this relationship – that you can sell them anything without turning them off you.

Building an online audience is like making friends with people in the real world – you need to show that you are genuinely interested in what they care about … and help them without expecting anything in return.

This is important, because it builds trust.

The people in your life who you trust, are probably those who have your best interests at heart.

Ask yourself now how they achieved that status in your life, because your business needs to do something similar with your future customers.

There will be much more on this theme – and a ton of advice on how to put this into action – in this programme in future weeks.

Give first, without expecting anything in return. 

Success Mindset 2 – It’s Not a Race!

7 Mindsets for Business Success OnlineIt is tempting to be in a rush to succeed – particularly if you are not enjoying ‘work’ or other similar responsibilities you have in your life.

The problem with this approach is that it encourages you to believe the sales pages and promotions which sell you magical-push-button-solutions.

If you’re anything like me a few years ago, you also probably look at people who have ‘made it’ and think things like .. if only I started earlier – I would be where they are now.

These feelings tend to make us believe that we need to be in a RUSH to take advantage of the opportunity we discover online.

But you need to realise that the opportunities the internet gives us for starting a 1k business aren’t going anywhere .. they will still exist months and years from now.

There is no ‘rush to succeed’ .. and you are not racing with anyone else either ..

.. there is only your own daily progress – taking one step at once and developing your knowledge and skills over time.

Rather than be in a hurry .. realise now that you are on the right path ..

..  and that it is simply a matter of time – putting one foot in front of another – until you reach your destination.

Having the peace of mind that this outlook will give you, will help you make easier progress.

Take your time, and enjoy the journey.

Success Mindset 3 – Be Your Own Best Friend and Business Coach.

7 Mindsets Changes Your Can Make to Achieve Success OnlineI meet many people who don’t know how to motivate themselves over a long journey.

Instead they lose heart, and let short term disappointment stop them from trying.

I also talk to plenty of people who say ‘if only I had a coach who could keep me motivated and stay on track, I would be alright’.

While it’s helpful to have someone to share the journey with, it doesn’t need to be a business coach. Actually, it doesn’t even need to be anyone else at all.

It can be you.

Each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself why you have chosen this path, what you are working on today and how this links to your long term goal .. and how proud you are of your efforts of the previous day.

However awful the day just gone was – there is ALWAYS something positive to say about it ..

Even if you had your worst day ever, and went 20 steps backwards in some way – you are getting up the next day to swing your bat again!

That takes real courage, and is something hugely positive to say in your ‘business meetings with yourself’.

I guarantee that no matter how hard you look, there is no one you will ever find who has your own best interests more at heart than YOU

.. and you will always be available when you need help and support.

YOU are your best source of motivation and your best chance of success.

Success Mindset 4 – Time is Your MOST Important Resource

7 Positive Mindset Changes You Can Make To Increase Your Chances of Online Business SuccessYou might think that a lack of money is what you are missing most .. particularly if you are struggling financially at the moment.

But there is a resource MUCH more precious to you – that is more difficult to replace, or multiply more of.


Your time is the most precious resource you have, and how you spend it will determine your success.

So identify moments when you can work on your business each week, preferably when you won’t be disturbed .. when you can concentrate and give your brain the best chance of helping you.

.. and guard that time jealously!

Be very aware of the decisions you make about ‘reading this’, or ‘responding to that’ – as the world we live in loves us to be a customer .. and you WILL get tempted to buy things sooner or later.

But repeatedly being a customer is a surefire way to waste your precious time .. as the time it takes to buy something, learn from it, and realise it doesn’t solve your problems after all – is significant ..

.. and doing so often sets you back motivationally too.

You need a focus that isn’t lead by those who want you to buy one thing after another. Only YOU can give yourself that focus.

Guard Your Time .. and Spend it Wisely.

Success Mindset 5 – The Learning Process REQUIRES Mistakes!

7 Mindset Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Chances of Online SuccessWhatever you are trying in life, you will not succeed without making mistakes – and learning from them.

FACT – the learning process actually can’t exist without these mistakes.

They might make us feel stupid .. and madly, the expectation we have of ourselves is that we shouldn’t be making them.

I don’t know where this expectation comes from – but it could not be more wrong.

My daughter Josie Jo who is now 2, learned to walk by falling over.

Not once did she let her failure to stand up, or a heavy fall to the floor – stop her from trying again.

She didn’t carry any negativity from one failure into her next attempt.

She just carried on learning what worked and what didn’t, until she managed it.

The negativity we carry about mistakes we make, and about our ability to learn new things is learned behaviour ..

.. unlearning this is so liberating, it motivates you and makes everything you try so much easier.

Mistakes are exactly what you are looking for .. you won’t make progress without them.

Success Mindset 6 – Don’t Let Uncertainty Stop you from Trying Things Out.

7 Mindsets to change to achieve Digital business successMaking the journey to a successful online business requires action – and you need to provide this.

But even some people who realise this fact get paralysed into learning forever .. and fail to make progress towards their dreams as a result.

They get action paralysis.

This often happens because they can’t see the exact path they need to follow – so decide to keep learning until this becomes more obvious.

Doing this is a huge mistake.

Often the path you need to take will ONLY reveal itself as you walk it …

.. and it’s only by taking the single step you understand, that the following ones become more obvious.

Martin Luther King said .. “Faith is taking the next step even if you can’t see the whole staircase”.

So have faith that you will find your way – and back your brain to solve future problems, even if you can’t yet see what they are.

There are some lessons you will only discover by walking the path and by trying things out ..

Put Into practice what you learn here – try things out, and learn from the experience.

Success Mindset 7 – You Need a Rudder to Steer your Long Term Direction

7 Mindsets You Need When Operating a Digital Business OnlineYou have probably already worked out that there are a million and one distractions online – on social media, or when you join someone’s list for example.

It is easy to be blown off course, or tempted to try something new each week – as we expose ourselves to different influences and try to learn what what we need to know.

But this sometimes complex situation is much easier to deal with when you have a rudder to steer your long term direction.

One of the activities this week, will help you focus on this and recognise your through-line (the real reason why your business exists).

Once you have recognised this – simply let this long term goal guide what you do each day.

Don’t underestimate how important doing this is – because when you truly understand your core motivation, making decisions – and making progress – both get much easier.

Let what is most important to you guide your day to day decisions

What’s Next?

Because of the crucial importance of a having long term vision – both to your success personally and in your business – I have prepared a workbook to help you define this in your own life.

Doing this is the ONE thing which is proven to make the biggest difference for many people – giving them the focus they need to achieve their dreams.  

Please us the Workbook below in your own business and tell me what you think:

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