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How to get results with a small list

5 Simple Steps To Get Results With a Small List

I am often asked ‘how do I get results with a small list?’ … I have several strategies – one of which I will share here today.

It’s connected to the way you monetise a list effectively – and the offering of a bonus to subscribers who buy through my affiliate link.

Because when most affiliates offer a bonus they tend to run around the PLR supermarket putting anything vaguely relevant into their basket.

.. they then chuck the ebooks onto a bonus page – and rush the email or social promotion out ..

And wait.

They often get very little response – and no sales.


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The 5 Biggest Reasons Why You Should be Publishing Your Own Online Course.

The market for e-learning and online courses is estimated to be worth $51.5 billion by the end of 2016. (Source)

This post explores the benefits of creating an online course – why there has never been a better time to be producing e-learning ..

.. and how, if you are clever about it – you can literally change your life by doing so.

So, let’s start with reason number 1 ..

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Create a Digital Product ‘in a Weekend’ [Webinar Replay and Workbook]

I am a great believer that time is money.

This is true of all businesses – but perhaps particularly the case in businesses which create digital products and online courses for sale.

Because the time it takes to create e-learning to sell can quickly increase, as mission creep makes the job bigger each time your ideas evolve.

And this provides a hidden barrier as most people find it difficult to create online courses fast enough .. particularly in some niches where turning projects round quickly is key to success.

Because launching successive products builds momentum in your relationships with customers, (affiliates – if you use them), and builds your eMail list too.

But launching regularly and often, just doesn’t seem possible in the context of a busy working life.

The solution I have been working on turns digital product creation on it’s head ..

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Use The Power of Stories In Your Business For Incredible Results


Developing a great relationship with your eMail list, and using this to sell your products and services online .. is crucial to any online business.

This is particularly the case for those based on selling your own digital content.

I wonder if you have you ever received an email, blog post or marketing message, where the writer draws you in?

Where they weave such a tale that you can’t resist but find out what happens next – and read the entire message so that you do?

When this happens, it is likely that the marketer is using the power of storytelling to build a rapport with you.

Getting this level of engagement in your mails and posts is difficult to achieve in other ways. Because, whether we realise it or not, we all like a story.

It starts from childhood, and continues throughout our life ..

.. and harnessing this basic instinct to develop relationships with your customers, could become an important element in your online business ..

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‘You’ Might Be Your Biggest Problem

My friends often laugh at me.

When I discuss what I plan to do, I often remark that I want to do x y or z because I know I will be good at it.

More often than that not I also say I am already brilliant at the skills which are required to be successful in this particular field, and that this will immediately put me ahead of others doing this already.

Only recently I heard myself saying this to a friend about doing more video in my business, and I realised how often this is my attitude internally – and how important it has been to my own development over the years.

You are probably reading this and thinking what an arrogant idiot .. and maybe if I heard someone else saying this I would be thinking the same thing.

But having an unshakable core belief in yourself is not arrogance.

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A Fool And Their Money Are Soon Parted

Many people try, but fail to leave their 9-5 – and I want to explain why.

Often you can pick out those that will fail.

They make themselves obvious by chasing push button systems which require no skill, learning or hard work.

And this lack of real commitment marks them out for failure before they even get started.

But the failure to make a consistent income online happens regularly – even to those that commit themselves completely and work hard to achieve their dreams.

Because even those that take action and use what they are learning, still have a problem that they need to solve to achieve the success they seek ..

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Are You Just Digging a Different Hole?

In Your Search For Freedom .. Are You Just Digging a Different Hole?

To succeed in establishing your online business, it’s important to realise the real difference between a job and a business.

Because this sounds simpler than it is.

Many people attempt to find a way out of the 9-5 job they do for other people, because they want to own their own time.

So they start an online business.  They might improve their digital skills and start to make websites, publish content and attempt to build an audience online they can sell things to.

But for many people, this is as far as they get .. there is a glass ceiling that they don’t to seem to break through.

This often happens because we are accustomed to trading our time for money – and this attitude often becomes the basis of our online business too.

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The Most Powerful Tool You Have To Change Your Life … Is You.

The following is an excerpt from Profit Map Academy – a report and workbook which create a unique and powerful plan to drive your online business and help you channel your motivation every day.

Profit Map Academy is available now, here.


32382997_mYour personal mission statement will explain in a very real way why your business exists and what your ultimate aim is.

It will motivate and inspire you and is something to remind yourself of at difficult moments – or every morning when you wake up. It provides a direction to help you to channel your motivation and plan your day to day activities.

Writing this requires you to identify the personal goal for your own future which is most important to you.

It is tempting here to make this all about the money. And there’s nothing wrong with this as an ultimate personal goal – we increasingly live in a consumer society, we might aspire to live in a nice house, drive a nice car etc. We also need to earn a certain amount of money each month to survive, let alone thrive.

However, there is often a tension between our ambitions in this respect – we might want to be a multi-millionaire, but also want to free ourselves from the day job and spend more time with our family or friends for example. We might want to spend our time travelling the world, and at the same time earn $10,000 a month.

Your Personal Mission Statement should identify what is most important to you – above all else. A good way to think about this is – if you could have only one thing, what would it be?

The trade-off for many people in defining this, is working out whether more money or more free time is most important to them. It is hugely useful to identify this yourself. The profit map you create will lead you to this goal – make sure it is truly what you want most.

e.g. Personal Mission Statement:

 I work from home full time and earn a comfortable income which gives my family choices about where we live and how we spend our time. I am there when my daughter Josie wakes up, to get her ready for school, and there to play with her when she comes back home again. I have the time to show her the creative things that inspire me and share my knowledge of the world with her.

Writing this has forced me to choose between my personal goals and define what I really want above all else. I have explained this as if I am living it – to make it real in my mind and help me imagine how good it will feel to have achieved it.

Harness The Awesome Power of “No”

Because we all have only so much time, knowing what to say “no” to is massively important. Many people fail because they don’t know how to make day to day decisions in this way, and instead fill their time with activities which lead them nowhere.

By tightly defining your own ultimate personal goal – saying no will be much easier. Don’t underestimate the importance of being able to do this – it is a key ingredient in the recipe for your success.

Being clear about your Personal Mission, and translating this into a series of steps that you are taking to achieve it, will help you to say no.  This is the biggest advantage of creating your own Profit Map.

If something interesting comes along (as you know it will), and it doesn’t help you to take your next step towards your ultimate personal goal, the answer you give to it is obvious!



Profit Map Academy is available now by clicking here.

It helps aspiring online entrepreneurs – of all types, and in all niches – to be clear about where they are going, and to map their path to getting there.

The report and interactive workbook help you analyse your own skills, experience and aspirations – and build your own personal map to the online profits you seek.

Because the business that you are best suited to, will not be a copy of someone else’s.

We are all unique after all – and so should your plan for the year ahead.


This is The Biggest Barrier To Creating Your Own Product


Many people are making money online creating and selling digital information products or training courses.

Selling digital products or software is massively easy to scale up at very low cost and gives you the opportunity to make money quickly with no limits on how much you can earn, in return for the time and money you invest in the project. ..

This is The Biggest Barrier To Creating Your Own Product

So what stops more people from doing this?

The concept of being an expert.

Too many people are afraid they don’t yet know enough to provide knowledge others would pay for.

My question is this, as learning is a journey without an end, when will you be truly ready? .. Successful digital product business people put their courses out there are improve on them once they are selling. Seeking perfection is often the enemy of success.